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  • Location 〒963-0726
    1-13, Tanoboshita, Shimoyukiai, Tamuramachi, Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan
  • Representative Hideji Sakuta, President
  • Foundation 1973
  • Capital 10 million yen
  • Number of employees 24 employees
  • Industry Electrical machinery, equipment and supplies

Business Overview

Design and manufacturing of switchboards, etc.

Product / Commodity Name

Cubicle-type high-voltage switchboards, power control boards, lighting panels, instrumentation panels


In building an additional plant or renovating an existing plant, you will need to install additional switchboards or modify existing switchboards. We help you design switchboards from the beginning of the plan and also conduct on-site modification of switchboards, etc.

Licensing Status

Acquired ISO9001 certification, accredited by the Public Buildings Association

Message from a Representative

We value the word "consideration." We believe that consideration is the source of reliable products.
It is said that we have now entered the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The information society is progressing and IT is pushing forward IoT and AI technologies as general-purpose technologies. Thus, drastic changes are about to take place in various industries. We have made efforts to develop new technologies in order to keep responsive to customer needs without being swept away by the drastic changes.

Technology You Want to Offer

Our company provides not only design and manufacturing of new switchboards but repair or modification works on site. Consult us about anything to do with switchboards.