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  • Location 〒963-0531
    1-1 Shimosugishita, Takakura, Hiwada-machi, Koriyama-shi, Fukushima, Japan
  • Representative Norio Nakajima, President
  • Foundation September in 2017 (Founded in Koriyama in 1975. Started as a company in the Murata Manufacturing Group in September 2017.)
  • Capital 300 million yen
  • Number of employees 2243 employees
  • Industry Electronic parts, devices and electronic circuits

Business Overview

(1)Development, design, and manufacturing of lithium-ion rechargeable batteries
(2)Development, design, and manufacturing of lithium-ion energy storage systems using lithium-ion rechargeable batteries
(3)Development, design, and manufacturing of micro batteries

Product / Commodity Name

Lithium-ion batteries, lithium-ion energy storage systems, micro batteries

Message from a Representative

Tohoku Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is based in Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture where commercial lithium-ion rechargeable batteries were born. We continue to make efforts toward further development and growth as an innovator in the "battery business," which is a core of the energy business of the Murata Group, and to contribute to an environmentally friendly society and people's life.

Technology You Want to Offer

(1)There are laminate-type and cylindrical-type lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. They are used in many electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, game machines, electric power tools, health care apparatuses, and e-bikes.
(2)Lithium-ion energy storage systems can be customized to a wide range of uses in housing, disaster prevention, and power systems by being connected with a plurality of rechargeable battery modules.
(3)Three types of micro batteries—lithium coin batteries, silver oxide cells, and alkaline button batteries—are widely used in industrial equipment such as automobiles, medical appliances, and IoT-related apparatuses and consumer appliances such as watches and toys.