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  • Representative President, Katsutoshi Sekigawa
  • Foundation 1970
  • Capital 3 Million Yen
  • Number of employees 12
  • Industry Other

Business Overview

* Manufacturing and visual inspections of automotive parts, mobile phone components
* Plastic parts assembly etc
Manufacturing and sales of products made of 100 percent organic cotton fabrics

Product / Commodity Name

* For babies
Baby bibs, washcloths etc
* From kids to adults
Neck warmers, sanitary masks, cloth sanitary pads etc
* Other (miscellaneous goods)


We develop, manufacture and sell products for those who have skin problems such as atopic dermatitis, chemical sensitivity etc

Licensing Status

Sell products certified by Nippon Organic Cotton Marketing Organization(NOC)

Message from a Representative

We are a small-scale local manufacturer aiming to conduct better quality control than our competitors as well as ensure on-time delivery to achieve customer satisfaction which we put as the highest priority.
We believe supports from our customers have been highly helping us to continue our business for more than 40 years since our foundation.
There is an increasing number of people from babies to adults who suffer from skin problems associated with allergic reactions. We listen to their opinions regardless of age or gender to develop our products so that we could offer them people- & environmentally-friendly fabric products which are in direct contact with the skin.

Technology You Want to Offer

There is a certain number of cotton blend products that are sold as organic cotton products with labels describing blended cotton percentage.

We are a NOC member that guarantees the validity of 100% organic cotton products. We manufacture and sell our products complying the NOC standards that require you to show the raw materials and follow ecology standards upon its manufacturing process etc. Our products pass NOC’s inspection and are sold to customers with NOC’s official cotton labels to guarantee their safety.
Products with NOC’s official cotton labels are widely acknowledged and sold at large department stores such as MITSUKOSHI.
We are the only manufacturer in Fukushima prefecture with NOC’s official cotton labels.