Creation and contribution to medical services with our Made in FUKUSHIMA products



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  • Location 〒963-1165
    #5, Koriyama Area Technopolis Incubation Center, 1-1 Nakagawara, Tokusada, Tamura-Machi, Koriyama City, Fukushima
  • Representative President, Tatsuya Kanei
  • Foundation 2013
  • Capital 8 Million Yen
  • Number of employees 4
  • Industry Other

Business Overview

MEISTEC Inc. was founded in Koriyama City in 2013 as one of the domestic medical device manufacturers in Fukushima prefecture where the number of such companies is very small.
We have been developing and selling equipments mainly for orthopedic surgery while expanding cooperation with companies in the prefecture.
We work on design, prototype production, and actual production of surgical devices etc through incorporating the opinions of medical professionals while we manufacture custom made devices that match the needs of customers.
We perform mass production of special shapes by applying mechanical processing and manual finishing, which is achieved through the cooperation with Fukushima manufactures who possess outstanding Japanese manufacturing technologies,.

Product / Commodity Name

Medical devices for orthopedic and surgical operations

Business Strategy

We manufacture made-in-Japan products matching shapes of people in Japan and other countries in Asia to replace oversea products with ours. Our homeland production enables us to quickly improve and deliver our products to customers, which oversea manufacturers can hardly achieve.
We aim to promote industries in Fukushima prefecture by developing new businesses in cooperation with manufacturers.


We have abilities to embody needs of medical professionals by not only applying their needs but also by utilizing manufacturing knowledge and connection with other companies.

Licensing Status

* Medical Devices Marketing License
* Medical Device Manufacturer License
* Sales and Leasing License for Specially-Controlled Medical Devices

Message from a Representative

Fukushima holds an increasing number of medical device manufactures while Fukushima Medical Device Development Support Center began its operation last year in the prefecture. We aim to help companies in the prefecture to explore their businesses not just nationwide but worldwide. We hope that you utilize our products so Fukushima prefecture can host made-in-Japan medical devices.

Technology You Want to Offer

We believe our strength is the connection with medical facilities and manufactures nationwide as well as experiences and achievements of surgical devices manufacturing. We can manufacture further reasonable products as our sales representatives, who have developed experiences in medical front, can accurately grasp the needs of doctors and/or nurses. We also have a business scheme that enables us to develop made-in-Japan surgical devices using 3D-CAD as well as to perform designs aimed at branding our products.

Machinery and/or Equipments You Own

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