Koriyama Coil Center, Fujita Metal CorpLogo Koriyama Coil Center, Fujita Metal Corp

Operate as a Trading Company for Steels



  • Location 〒963-0725
    20 Kawakubo, Kanaya, Tamura-Machi, Koriyama City, Fukushima
  • Representative President, Mikifumi Imai
  • Foundation 1948
  • Capital 80 Million Yen
  • Number of employees Koriyama Coil Center: 15 (# of all the employees: 435)
  • Industry Iron and steel

Business Overview

Process and sell steel products
(Coil center service, processing service, selling materials & renting equipments to be used at construction sites)

Product / Commodity Name

Ordinary steels, special steels, stainless materials, fabricated metal products, precision sheet metal working, mold manufacturing etc

Business Strategy

Move and Change ? Manufacturing more than just “off-the-shelf products” and grabbing new values and business fields


Headquartered in Niigata Prefecture, we are a steel & stainless-steel wholesaler in business for 126 years.

Licensing Status


Message from a Representative

We are a steel wholesaler in Niigata prefecture, who used to work on material sales as well as primary processes such as cutting, edge preparation etc. We are one of the few wholesalers handling sheets, stainless steels, construction materials and plates nationwide.
We believe our key asset is the network with 3,000 or more customers while another is our expertise that has been built up over the 126 years. Our sales representatives are familiar with customers’ processing equipments and prominent skills. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any problems and/or issues related to our business fields.

Technology You Want to Offer

We are all-knowing about the materials through years of direct businesses with steel manufacturers. We also offer customers a film coating service for surface-treated steel sheets using a stainless-steel line.
We empathetically respond to problems that you are facing the same way we earned the support from 3,000 or more customers in Sanjo and Tsubame areas in Niigata prefecture where lots of steel processing professionals run businesses, by doing so.

Machinery and/or Equipments You Own

Name of Machinery and/or Equipments Manufacture and Model Main Specs (size, features etc) # of Units
Name of Machinery and/or Equipments

Large-scale slitting line

Manufacture and Model

Main Specs (size, features etc)

Supports 0.27 - 2.0mm

# of Units


Name of Machinery and/or Equipments

Small-scale leveling line

Manufacture and Model

Main Specs (size, features etc)

# of Units