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Your Dream Is Our Business



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  • Location 〒963-8802
    4-5 Yashima-Machi, Koriyama City, Fukushima
  • Representative Executive Officer and Koriyama Plant Manager, Yasuo Murakami
  • Foundation 1916
  • Capital 11,196 Million Yen
  • Industry Chemical

Business Overview

* Manufacture hydrogen peroxide, derivatives, electronic materials etc
* Distribution and warehouse service including hazardous materials

Product / Commodity Name

* Hydrogen peroxide (paper pulp bleaching, veterinary pharmaceuticals, textile bleaching as a detergent and/or sterilizer etc)
* Electronic materials (toner materials, photosensitive drum materials, OLED materials etc)

Business Strategy

We aim to be a corporation that steadily supplies “Only One/Number One” materials in the global and niche markets with our corporate philosophy “Japan’s first” always in our minds.


* Inorganic chemical technology, environmentally-friendly and clean oxidation technology
* Advance synthesis technology of organic chemicals

Message from a Representative

We celebrated our 100th anniversary last year with support of the people in Koriyama city and this year, we’ve taken the first step into the next 100 years.

Our group management philosophy is “Through constant innovation of chemical technology, we will provide high-quality products and services throughout the world and contribute to the creation of an environmentally conscious society.”Having this mindset, we strive to always deliver values to customers and stakeholders in a rapidly-changing society.