Fukushima No.1 Factory, Nippon Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.

“We are Treating Humanity Treasuring Technology With Good Care.”Nippon Chemical has manufactured high quality products for more than 100 years since its founding while overcoming major changes in society. With these traditions and its achievements passed down to our generation, we look to contribute to an enriched society through better products and services.



  • photo
  • Location 〒963-8812
    2-25, Matsuki-Cho, Koriyama City, Fukushima
  • Representative Plant Manager, Kazuo Ochiai
  • Foundation 1915
  • Capital 5,757 Million Yen
  • Number of employees 126
  • Industry Chemical

Business Overview

We are a long-established chemical company founded in 1893. Fukushima No.1 Factory mainly manufactures electronic materials such as multilayer ceramic capacitors as well as materials for lithium ion batteries while other Nippon Chemical plants manufacture and sell organic products as well as basic chemicals such as silicate, phosphorus, chromium, barium, lithium etc. Nippon Chemical products are utilized in a variety of things that are essential to people’s everyday lives.

Product / Commodity Name

Product Name : Material Name : Usage
BESPA (Barium Titanate) : Barium Titanate : Multilayer ceramic capacitors
CELLSEED (Lithium-Cobalt Oxide) : Lithium Cobalt Oxide : Lithium ion battery
BRIGHT(Metal Coated Powder) : Metal-Coated Powders : Circuit connection material
High purity Barium Carbonate : Barium Carbonate : Glasses, ceramic materials
AD Barium Sulfate : Barium Sulfate : Resin additives, light-diffusing materials

Message from a Representative

Fukushima No.1 Factory began our operation in 1917 and we celebrated our 100th anniversary last year. We had top electric furnaces in the East and mainly manufactured phosphorus products since 1917, and we began manufacturing new product line (electronic materials) as of 1989. We aim to be an environmentally-friendly factory to contribute to society with electronic materials that are essential to the cutting-edge technologies of electronic equipments.

Technology You Want to Offer

BESPA (Barium Titanate): Commercially available in a range of particle sizes
CELLSEED (Lithium-Cobalt Oxide): Micronized through our unique manufacturing technology
BRIGHT(Metal Coated Powder): Coated with gold, and/or nickel though our unique electroless plating process
High purity Barium Carbonate: Barium carbonate with few impurities