Offer people calm, happiness, and cheer through our sweets to enhance our region thrive



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  • Location 〒963-8004
    14-8, Naka-Machi, Koriyama City, Fukushima
  • Representative Mitsumasa Abe
  • Foundation 1958
  • Capital 15 Million Yen
  • Number of employees 21
  • Industry Food

Business Overview

* Production and sales of Japanese and Western-style confectionary
* Sales of sweets rich in local color

Product / Commodity Name

* Daikokuya’s Kurumi Yubeshi (Japanese confection with walnuts in a chewy dough)
* Koriyama’s Nama-Chocolate Cake (Chocolate ganache cake)
* Daikokuya’s Ume Dora (Japanese plum and plum-flavored bean paste sandwiched with pancakes)
* Abukuma Tokiwa Nama Sabure (soft sable) etc

Message from a Representative

We produce sweets from our hearts with our corporate philosophy, “Offer people calm, happiness, and cheer with our sweets to help our region thrive” always in our minds.
“Daikokuya’s Kurumi Yubeshi” earned the Honorary President Award at the 23rd National Confectionery Exposition, and they also were selected as gifts available at both Haneda Airport and Narita International Airport in Japan.

Technology You Want to Offer

We manufacture our products with our traditional technique where we use wooden steamers for a prolonged aging process.