Shiine Shouten Inc.



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  • Location 〒963-0531
    20, Kami Kayanuma, Takakura, Hiwada-Machi, Koriyama City, Fukushima
  • Representative Hirofumi Shiine
  • Foundation 1995
  • Capital 3 Million Yen
  • Number of employees 2
  • Industry Petroleum and coal products

Business Overview

Manufacturing and sales of freeze-dried tofu “Kayanuma Shimi-Tofu” (sales to both wholesalers and individual customers)

Product / Commodity Name

Kayanuma Shimi-Tofu (made with 100% of domestic soybeans)

Message from a Representative

[Things in present days are judged by the things done in the past]
There is a variety of traditional preserved food and cuisines, such as freeze-dried tofu (soybean processed food), that are available in primary and secondary industries nationwide, and many of them appear to be effective to prevent so called “lifestyle diseases”.
We believe they could also become very helpful foods upon drastic natural disasters, conflicts and climate change as utilising modern technologies such as freezing technology, adding antioxidants etc further enhances preservation capabilities.
These foods, however, tend to be used for Japanese home cuisines.
There is an increasing number of nuclear families and they tend to eat non-Japanese cuisines at home, leading into the situation that traditional knowledge on the foods are hardly taught or shared among different generations or regions.
We continue creating freeze-dried tofu and teaching its tradition to refine the current situation, construct a win-win relationship between producers and consumers, and bring healthy and rich lives to people nationwide.

Machinery and/or Equipments You Own

Name of Machinery and/or Equipments Manufacture and Model Main Specs (size, features etc) # of Units
Name of Machinery and/or Equipments


Manufacture and Model

Main Specs (size, features etc)

6 tsubo (approx. 20 square meter). 12 tsubo (approx 40 square meter)

# of Units

1 for each

Name of Machinery and/or Equipments

A set of soy milk manufacturing machines

Manufacture and Model

Main Specs (size, features etc)

# of Units