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Our Taste Treasured for 100 Years



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  • Foundation 1953
  • Capital 20 Million Yen
  • Number of employees 38
  • Industry Food

Business Overview

Manufacturing and sales of koji rice malt products such as miso, amazake, seasoning for pickles etc

Product / Commodity Name

Bandaisan's Takara Miso, 100 nen Densho Miso, Sagohachi Pickling Base, AMAZAKE (Autumn-Winter Label), AMAZAKE (Spring-Summer Label), Asazuke No Moto New Taste (Seasoning for Pickles), Koji, Moromi, Kinzanji Miso, Shikomi Miso

Licensing Status

Kosher Certified Facility
[What is Kosher Certification?]
Kosher refers to food and drink that complies with Jewish religious dietary law. The law strictly defines which foods Jewish people can eat including medicines, seasonings etc. A religious leader Rabbi visits facilities to evaluate ingredients and/or production process of food items, and Kosher Certification will be given to those who pass the evaluation.

Message from a Representative

Horaiya Honten Co., Ltd. was founded in 1906 as Horaiya Kojiten. We have implemented our traditional koji manufacturing technique under our strict quality management system to manufacture amazake, miso, and seasonings for sagohachi pickles for more than 100 years since we were founded.
We strive to enhance quality of amazake, a traditional Japanese healthy drink made from koji in Heian period, and deliver higher quality amazake products to Japanese customers. We also put effort to further explore overseas markets so that customers worldwide could enjoy our amazake products.
We aim to create new koji experiences to express the beauty of Koji while treasuring traditional koji culture.

Technology You Want to Offer

Manufacturing of koji, miso and amazake

Machinery and/or Equipments You Own

Name of Machinery and/or Equipments Manufacture and Model Main Specs (size, features etc) # of Units
Name of Machinery and/or Equipments

Automatic Koji-making Machine

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