• photo
  • Location 〒963-8071
    127-5, Miyata, Kubota, Fukuyama-Machi, Koriyama City, Fukushima
  • Representative Zenbe Honna
  • Foundation 1852
  • Capital 46 Million Yen
  • Industry Food

Business Overview

Production and sales of Japanese and Western-style confectionary

Product / Commodity Name

* Kashiwaya Usukawa Manju (steamed bun wrapped with ultra thin skin)
* Lemo (cheese tart with lemon flavor)
* Kurumi (baked bun filled with walnuts and sweet bean paste)
* MochiZuri (Japanese confection with walnuts in a chewy dough)

Message from a Representative

We were founded in 1852 as Usukawa Chaya (teahouse), one year before Commodore Matthew C. Perry reached Japan by the “Black Ships.” Since then, we have enhanced the flavor of our simple and familiar product, Kashiwaya Usukawa Manju, while keeping our production motto of “wrapping manju with our love” always in our minds. We offer you moist, fluffy, and delicious Kashiwaya Usukawa Manju that have been loved and enriched by regional people and climate.