Kannyabo Inc.

Be healthy with a power of the nature



  • photo
  • Location 〒963-8041
    35-5, Nakakameda, Tomita-Machi, Koriyama City, Fukushima
  • Representative Koichi Endo
  • Foundation 1990
  • Capital 10 Million Yen
  • Number of employees 4
  • Industry Food

Business Overview

Manufacturing and sales of health food made mainly from Clausiliidae (aka Kannyabo) and mulberry leaves

Product / Commodity Name

* Kannyabo
* Kannyabo Ace
* Kuwashurin
* Kanpo

Message from a Representative

Clausiliidae (aka Kannyabo) contains lots of nutrients such as taurine, calcium, glycogen etc., and we manufacture and sell powder, tablets, drink etc that are all made from Kannyabo.
Also popular Kuwashurin, a tablet product that contains mulberry leaves, aralia sprout, alehoof etc, helps moderate sugar absorption.

Technology You Want to Offer

We grow organic Clausiliidae, mulberry leaves, alehoof etc in unused mulberry plants to manufacture healthy food, boost regional development as well as protect agricultural environment.