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Pleasant Taste with Our Love



  • Representative Kazutoshi Hatsumi
  • Foundation 1962
  • Capital 33.31 Million Yen
  • Industry Food

Business Overview

Our founder, Bunsuke Kanno, began producing yubeshi as “Kannoya” in 1860 (almost the end of the Edo period), and it became a famous local confectionary in Miharu, the region where we were founded. The taste of yubeshi has been loved by people throughout the eras, and it has now achieved one of the top famous confectionaries in Fukushima prefecture.

Product / Commodity Name

Kaden Yubeshi (Japanese confection with sweet bean paste in a chewy dough)
Miharu Yubeshi (chewy Yubeshi dough bar)
Kurumi Yubeshi (soy-sauce flavored Japanese confection with walnuts in a chewy dough)

Message from a Representative

“Kaden Yubeshi” has been loved by people in Miharu region for years. We have adhered to our traditional taste and technique while time changed from Meiji, Taisho, Showa to Heisei period. We actively conduct activities to respond to demands of the times as well as changes in social environments - strict quality and sanitary management to ensure safety and security of food items, adoption of environmentally friendly product packages etc. These activities enable us to offer customers products with “pleasant taste that never changes for years.” We continue pursuing pleasant taste that satisfy customers by wrapping each product with our love.