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First of the kind manufacturer to offer workshops on creating Junishi Hariko



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  • Location 〒963-0902
    80-1 Tateno, Takashiba, Nishida-Machi, Koriyama City, Fukushima
  • Representative President, Takayoshi Hashimoto
  • Number of employees 9
  • Industry Pulp, paper and paper products

Business Overview

Production, sales and wholesales of folkcraft goods

Product / Commodity Name

* Miharu Goma (wooden toy)
* Hariko Junishi (paper made zodiac animals)
* Daruma (Japanese traditional doll)
* Shichifukujin (seven gods of good fortune)
* Paper-made masks such as Hyottoko (Japanese comical male character), Okame (Japanese comical female character), Tengu (long-nosed goblin with a red face) etc

Message from a Representative

Our shop is the oldest Kayabuki roof (made of straw or reeds) shop boasting 400 years of service. Miharu Goma was created by our 9th owner Hikoji, and it became the first regional toy in Japan to be drawn on Japanese New Year postcard stamps in 1954. Koshidaka Tora (a tiger holding his hip up) was created by our 10th owner Takatoshi, and it was then adopted as Japanese New Year postcard stamps in 1998. Black Miharu Goma is a lucky charm for children while white Miharu Goma is the one for the elderly. The white one was created by our 9th owner Hikoji for the first time in 1952. We are the first manufacturer in Fukushima prefecture who offers workshops on creating Hariko Junishi as well as painting regional toys.

Technology You Want to Offer

Miharu Goma and Miharu Hariko dolls were created at Takashiba Deko Yashiki in Koriyama City, Fukushima for the first time. The word “Miharu” was chosen to be a part of names for both products as the city was formerly known as “Miharu” domain in the Edo period. We are the only manufacturer in the region to create Miharu Goma by carving wood since the end of WWII. We also manufacture a wide range of regional toys such as Hariko dolls which are made by sticking Washi (Japanese traditional paper) and/or other paper materials on wooden frames. We create not only the traditional regional toys but also our own original Hariko dolls such as the ones for Koriyama City’s characters, Gakuto Kun and Onpu Chan. We can create our products according to demands of customers.