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We are ‘urban mining’ company listed on JASDAQ of Tokyo Stock Exchange. We contribute to the earth environment through collecting precious metals and extracting rare metals/earth via our cutting-edge technologies.



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  • Location 〒963-0725
    47 Maseguchi, Kanaya, Tamura-machi, Koriyama City, Fukushima,
  • Representative Representative Director and CEO,Yusaku Yukita
  • Foundation August 1969
  • Capital 504,295,600 Yen
  • Number of employees 184 (# of permanent employees as of September 30, 2019)
  • Industry Non-ferrous metals and products

Business Overview

We have three core technologies: high-tech selectively splitting technology, effective collection technology and world-leading cleaning technology.

A headquarter plant in Koriyama City, where we founded our company on, performs precious metal business utilizing our core technologies. Main customers are those who handle electronic components and/or devices.

We split, collect and purify recyclable precious metals from defective products that occurred in the production process of electronic components. We also apply the same process to parts of production equipments utilized in the production process, achieving that the customers can use the precious-metal free parts in their production process again. This eventually contributes to reducing production cost of our customers. We sell the purified precious metals to a base metal market.

We founded a research and development base of rare metals/earth in Iwaki City on 2014, advancing the demonstration experiments of a new splitting & purifying technology for rare metals/earth.

The development of recycling technology for rare metals/earth is the top priority for growing industries like electronic components, high-tech products and new materials as they increasingly utilize rare metals/earth.

We believe our economical and corporate positions are becoming more important for resource recycling. We further advance new technology development so as to achieve our social mission to utilize limited resources such as precious metals, rare metals/earth etc.

We strive to further advance through our historical entrepreneurial spirit so that we could develop and deliver new products and services utilizing our recycling technology.

Product / Commodity Name

Gold, silver, platinum, platinum, rare metals, rare earth etc

Business Strategy

‘Fulfilling social contribution with high creativity’ is our company’s creed. We strive to break away from a simple recycling company by our basic philosophy on social responsibility and ethical activities, with respect for individuals always on our minds.


21 employees (15%) among all staff are engineers who majored in chemicals etc in graduate schools. We further advance on research and development.

Licensing Status

45 domestic and international patents

Message from a Representative

About half a century has passed since our foundation, and we are aware of the transition into the next generation as well as company innovation. Having listed on stock in 2008 enabled us to smooth fundraising as well as securing outstanding human resources. We believe it is inevitable for our leap and growth as well as development of our region, Koriyama City, to train younger generations and enhance our corporate climate for them to perform well. We strive to further develop our corporate climate and train employees with our entrepreneurial spirits always on our mind.