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  • Location 〒963-8051
    2-4 Saruta, Yatsuyamada, Fukuyama-Machi, Koriyama City, Fukushima,
  • Representative President, Tatsuo Matsuzaki
  • Foundation 1986
  • Capital 5 Million Yen
  • Number of employees Center: 6 (4 men & 2 women) Headquarter: 42
  • Industry Business oriented machinery

Business Overview

Software (Windows compatible, built-in, PLC, LabVIEW, CAN)
Electronic circuit design (digital/analog/PLD communication control, high voltage circuit, inkjet control circuit)
Design, development and control of robotic system (utilization of collaborative robots for measurement, automatic testing etc)

Product / Commodity Name

Pathology diagnostic software, slide printer for medical service, triage training system, medical service support system, collaborative robotic system, multi-axis controlling robots from various manufacturers, high-voltage pulse generator, charge/discharge testing equipments, laser cassette printer etc

Business Strategy

Software company that develops and utilize hardware


We have our own design and development resources for measurement, communication and control required in industries and we combine them in the technology fields of software, analog & digital circuit design, electrical instrumentation, mechanical design, image processing, data communication etc. This achieves our ‘all-in-one’ support for customers from fundamental research, validation testing, and consultation to product development.

Licensing Status

ISO9001: 2015

Message from a Representative

Through supports and collaboration from Fukushima Prefecture and Koriyama City, ‘Medical and Welfare Equipment Development Koriyama R & D Center’ opened in April 2016 with medical-related business as its main pillar. This is our approach to support medical-related business Koriyama City is currently pursuing. The center aims to be a new system development base utilizing our own know-hows in ever developing medical related industries. We also put strong effort in training younger generations who forge the future of our company and region.

Technology You Want to Offer

* System construction with our design and development resources specialized in software and hardware industries
* Robotic systems (for design, development, control etc)