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Toward Becoming a Company that Creates ""Inspiration""



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  • Representative Ikuo Akutsu
  • Foundation October 25, 1940
  • Capital 14,640 Million Yen
  • Number of employees 1,596
  • Industry Chemical

Business Overview

Development, manufacturing and sales of semiconductor photoresists essential to semiconductor manufacturing as well as photoresists for liquid crystal display, materials for MEMS, high purity chemicals, processing equipments etc

Product / Commodity Name

Semiconductor photoresists, materials for semiconductor packaging process, photoresists for liquid crystal display, support materials for semiconductor photoresists, wafer handling system for through-silicon via (TSV) process

Business Strategy

Aim to be a globally trusted corporate group by inspiring customers with high value-added products

Message from a Representative

We develop products that satisfy high needs of our customers through our world’s top level microprocessing and high-purity processing technologies as a contribution to achieve safe, secure and improved lives of the people. “Try creating distinctive products that cannot be easily imitated by other companies” ? We, as an R&D-oriented enterprise, try increasing our value proposition through developing inspiring technologies with our customers and society.

Technology You Want to Offer

Photoresists essential to semiconductor manufacturing, materials for semiconductor packaging process, high purity chemicals, photoresists for liquid crystal display, and materials for solar cell manufacturing etc