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Comprehensive construction consulting services including inspection, diagnosis and repair design of bridges, tunnels and road structures; periodic inspection of buildings; measuring radiation in soil and water; bathymetry and 3D topography of reservoirs; measurement of road surface condition



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  • Location 〒963-0201
    46-26 Gozenhigashi, Otsuki-Machi, Koriyama City, Fukushima
  • Representative President, Koichi Takahashi
  • Foundation 1989
  • Capital 10 Million Yen
  • Number of employees 31 (26 technical and 5 non-technical employees)
  • Industry Other

Business Overview

Construction consulting services
Road design, bridge inspection, repair design, reinforcement design, park design, road attachment inspection, infrared exterior wall inspection of buildings, designs of river bank erosion control/bridges/water & sewerage, designs of land readjustment/land developments/development activities

Product / Commodity Name

Exterior wall inspection software ‘Kenshirou’

Business Strategy

Unique company in the maintenance industry


Possess business framework and testing equipments specialized in inspection, diagnosis and repair & reinforcement designs

Licensing Status

NETIS Registration No. TH-120021-A
Certified as a New Business Developer in Fukushima Prefecture
Deterioration diagnosis method of concrete structures (JP Patent: No. 4155976)

Message from a Representative

‘Kenshirou’ is a 3D software that diagnoses deterioration of a concrete structure using a patented technology of 3D thermal diagnosis, and it diagnoses deterioration through analyzing peeled tiles and thermal differences between air inside & outside the structure. It carries out ‘health checks of construction’ cheaply, safely and accurately compared to hammer testing or 2D diagnosis. The software offers easy-to-use technology through excluding difficult operations.

Technology You Want to Offer

‘Kenshirou’ is a software to support exterior wall thermal inspection - it creates a 3D image from images taken by both a digital & an infrared cameras, diagnoses problems on temperature distribution on thermal images, and creates a diagnosis report.

The software corrects the image taken by a digital camera, transits it to a 3D image, synthesises the thermal image taken by an infrared camera over the 3D image, and identifies accurate location, shape and size of damages. The software requires only a small number of images, uses less processing data, requires low cost, and enables efficient reporting activity. We received the Governor's Award from Fukushima Governor in 2010.

Machinery and/or Equipments You Own

Name of Machinery and/or Equipments Manufacture and Model Main Specs (size, features etc) # of Units
Name of Machinery and/or Equipments

InfReC H2640

Manufacture and Model

Nippon Avionics

Main Specs (size, features etc)

Infrared thermal imaging camera with high resolution 640 x 480-pixel detector

# of Units