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Pottery made from clay in Koriyama City



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  • Location 〒963-0206
    1-12 Nakano, Koriyama City, Fukushima
  • Representative Yoshihiro Shiga
  • Foundation 2014
  • Number of employees 2
  • Industry Ceramic, stone and clay products

Business Overview

* Do pottery with clay in Koriyama City such as daily tableware, vases and pots
* Hold pottery classes

Product / Commodity Name

Asakano Yaki (Asakano Yaki Pottery)

Message from a Representative

Asakano Yaki is made from Koriyama’s clay that is mainly used for roof tile production. We try producing pottery with contemporary design that is suitable for the climate of the city.
We strive to make Asakano Yaki a special product in Koriyama City. We hope it will be used in various scenes ? as daily tableware at home, at offices, as anniversary gifts etc. We also welcome custom-order.
We also offer on-site pottery classes that can be utilized as a part of benefit programs and/or events of your companies.

Technology You Want to Offer

Our Asakano Yaki products are handmade, and their shapes and designs differ from one another. We strive to create new special product in Koriyama City using non-clay materials like wood chips and/or glasses. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.