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Design communication between a company and people



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  • Location 〒963-0724
    26-3 Kitakawada, Kamiyukiai, Tamura-Machi, Koriyama City, Fukushima
  • Representative Yasuko Watanabe
  • Foundation 1982
  • Capital 12 Million Yen
  • Number of employees 25
  • Industry Printing and allied industries

Business Overview

Planning and production of printed materials, website creation, advertising, planning, editing and publishing information medium etc

Product / Commodity Name

Planning and designing, printing, sales promotion tools, website creation, branding, contents production, publication of free community papers such as ‘Maimin Sai’ and ‘Toku Pure Fukushima’

Business Strategy

We pursue possibilities of communication business as an actor who connects thoughts of people via printing


We strive to develop comfortable and long-time relationship with new customers through thinking and acting from a customer’s viewpoint.

Message from a Representative

We celebrated our 35th business anniversary in 2017.
We have carried out ‘printing businesses’ as a gateway to a whole career while trying to meet the demands since we were founded.
There is an increasing demand in recent years for us to transit from a simple ‘printing service provider’ to a ‘communication provider’ who connects the thoughts of people.
What should we do to connect the minds of the people? The answer is to be as close as possible to a customer, listen to what they say, and put ourselves in their shoes to help them achieve their goals. We are required to plan tasks with our customer in rigorous and thoughtful manners while possessing energy to respond to the needs of the rapidly-changing time and work actively.
A person can take action through inspiration from the thought of another person. A person’s thought is a driving force to achieve a dream or a goal.
We strive to understand the thought process of our customer in our heart and deliver memorable services to them so that we could be reputed as a company that the customer wants to work with.

Technology You Want to Offer

Innovative skills to share a goal and work toward resolving problems
(creativity, designing skill, information capability, communication skill)