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  • Location 〒963-8520
    13-8 Tsutsumi Shita Machi, Koriyama City, Fukushima
  • Representative President, Toshinori Uryu
  • Foundation 1980
  • Capital 270 Million Yen
  • Number of employees 365
  • Industry Information and communication electronics equipment

Business Overview

* Outsourcing service
* System integration service
* Selling information equipments

Product / Commodity Name

* System planning, software development, packaged software development, networking, security measures
* Cloud, housing, collocation and BPO services utilizing data centers in cities of Aizu and Fukushima

Licensing Status

* JIPDEC: Privacy Mark
* JICQA: ISO9001
* JACO: ISO14001
* JICQA: ISO/IEC20000-1
* Telecommunications carrier: I-12-366
(Notified to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications)
* Retail License of Specially Controlled Medical Devices (License #: Chu Ho Dai 393)

Message from a Representative

We strive to enhance our technologies and qualities to resolve customers’ problems via ICT and continue offering highly reliable products and/or services. We also pursue to be a company offering products and services that perform beyond expectations of customers.

Technology You Want to Offer

* Packaged software development
** We offer solutions in a short period by providing know-hows that we have collected over the years of our system development experiences.

* Software development
** We offer cutting-edge system software solutions including IoT data analysis and new possibilities of using mobile devices.

* BPO service
** We formalize business tasks of your company and conduct the tasks instead. This means you can invest more time in core business strategies and operations

* Cloud service
** Our cloud service is a business platform innovated via cutting-edge ICTs and know-hows that we have collected over the years. Our cloud service helps you develop new businesses and faster business process speed.

* Security measures
** Cyber attacks are becoming further sophisticated and malicious, and security measures against them are mandatory to ensure the safe and secure ICT utilization. We support you to keep the optimal performance of your security environment.

* Customer support
** Our customer support services such as call center, customer service etc will give you the feelings of safety and satisfaction.