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Developing and manufacturing equipments essential for PV power system



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  • Location 〒963-0215
    1-12 Machiikedai, Koriyama City, Fukushima
  • Representative Jiro Nagahata
  • Foundation 1984
  • Capital 24.5 Million Yen
  • Number of employees 24
  • Industry Electrical machinery, equipment and supplies

Business Overview

* Development and manufacturing of measurement devices that are related to photovoltaic(PV) power system
* Development and manufacturing of power supplies (e.g. solar cell array simulators for Power Conditioner Evaluation System
* Proposal of measurement and/or evaluation system including the above

Product / Commodity Name

[Measurement devices]
* PV Analyzer(I-V curve tracer)
* Bypass Diode Checker
* Measurement Unit

[Power devices]
* Power Conditioner Evaluation System
* Multi Module Simulated Power Source
* Interactive Storage Battery Simulator
* Constant Current Power Supply

[Load manager]
* LCR Load Manager
* MPPT Electronic Load Manager

* Grid Connectivity Testing software
* PV Power Plant Maintenance software

Business Strategy

We focus on self-improvement so that we can respond quickly in the shortest of time and aim to become a technology group with expertise capable of demonstrating a wide range of comprehensive strengths with own research and development capabilities.


We develop measurement devices that are related to PV power system as well as power devices such as solar cell array simulators. We also conduct system development for a solar power industry, making us be responsible for the cutting-edge research projects by research institute(s).
We offer customers a wide range of services for system solutions, which meet the requests and needs of customers, ranging from system proposals to system operation.

Licensing Status

* Bypass diode failure testing device
* Solar cell analytical device

Message from a Representative

We at Nippon Kernel System Co.., LTD. have strived to foster renewable energy since we were founded. Our efforts include manufacturing a wide range of products, developing highly precise and reliable devices for measuring and testing PV power system, and developing related system solutions for testing and evaluation etc.
We opened our new office in 2014, here in Fukushima, a renewable energy frontier that pledges to switch to a 100% renewable energy region. We will continue developing satisfying products that meet the needs of the age with the motto “Be the new energy frontier that will be deeply valued by customers.”

Technology You Want to Offer

* Development of PV power related measurement system
* Development of evaluation system that requires power supplies etc