Tatsumori Co., Ltd.




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  • Location 〒963-0724
    50 Minami-Kawada Kami-Yukiai, Tamura-Cho, Koriyama-City, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan
  • Representative Masahiro Asahina, President
  • Foundation 1963
  • Capital 90 million yen
  • Number of employees 110 employees
  • Industry Ceramic, stone and clay products

Business Overview

Development, manufacturing, and selling of high-purity silica (silicon dioxide) filler

Product / Commodity Name

Our high-purity silica is used as a filler for semiconductor protective materials in personal computers and smartphones and in a wide range of uses for automobile-related inorganic parts, etc.

Licensing Status

ISO9001, ISO14001

Message from a Representative

Tatsumori Koriyama Factory started operation as a plant exclusively for high-purity silica fillers in 1984. Since then, our products have been used as fillers for semiconductor protective materials all over the world.
We, as a general manufacturer of inorganic silica (SiO2) filler, will continue to develop fillers that will serve as key materials at turning points of social development and support realization of revolutionary changes in society in the future.

Technology You Want to Offer

High-purity spherical silica filler
We provide silica in a variety of particle sizes to meet customer demand.