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  • Location 〒963-8042
    103, Fudomae 1-chome, Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan (Head Office: 1-1, Kakiba, Shono, Fukushima City, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan)
  • Representative Nobuyuki Sakuma, President
  • Foundation 1945
  • Capital 60 million yen
  • Number of employees 184 employees
  • Industry Printing and allied industries

Business Overview

Our company has conducted business activities that meet social trends and customer needs, such as manufacturing of printed matter and various communications strategies (development of compound and comprehensive strategies for planning, design, publication, and media).

Product / Commodity Name

Media Universal Design-compliant printed matter, posters, leaflets, continuous forms for CP, NIP white paper forms, check paper, bills, passbooks, anti-counterfeit paper, other Web-related products

Business Strategy

We conduct manufacturing that precisely meets customer demand, including not only high-volume manufacturing of printed matter but manufacturing of high-value-added printed matter (printed matter having a special gloss and touch by varnish, variable printing that allows one-by-one printing with different contents, small-lot printing that allows use of metal color, etc.) by using state-of-the-art printing machines.
We have put efforts into manufacturing one-of-a-kind products such as the "Fukushima Pocketbook," which is a local notebook that has gained popularity every year, by positively promoting businesses using our own product development capabilities.


Our company can provide services in a wider range of businesses, in cooperation with three group companies (Tokiwa Printing Co., Ltd., Shinwa Creative Center Co., Ltd., and SCC Co., Ltd.), such as postcard printing, ecology-related proposals, and development of various media such as magazines and websites.

Licensing Status

PrivacyMark acquired, CSR Three Star Certification acquired, Japan Color Standard Print Certification acquired, FSC Certification acquired, certified as a Green Printing Factory, certified as a company promoting "Cheer for Working Women" in Fukushima City, certified as a company promoting "Cheer for Home Education," certified as a company promoting "Work-Life Balance," certified as a company promoting employment of disabled people in Fukushima City, "Iku-boss" Declaration

Message from a Representative

Since its foundation in 1945, our company has faithfully responded to the needs of the local community and customers. Combining the total capabilities of four companies, Nisshindo Printing, Tokiwa Printing, Shinwa Creative Center, and SCC, we are now working hard to create a better organization that can serve customers. We will keep listening to customers' voices more intently than anyone else, and with the synergy effect of the combination of four companies, we will help customers to implement worthwhile "monozukuri" and "kotozukuri."

Technology You Want to Offer

Leave anything to do with printing to our company. We offer high-value-added printing that "attracts attention" and "is helpful" in business scenes and Media Universal Design, which provides information edited and designed in such a manner that more people can easily see and understand it. According to your request, we can also offer a series of schemes for drawing up a project based on ideas from the perspective of women through our "committee composed of only female members." Please consult us.