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Next-generation location information solution acquiring location information seamlessly indoors and outdoors


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  • Location 〒963-1165
    1-1, Nakagawara, Tokusada, Tamuramachi, Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan
  • Representative Takaaki Morita
  • Foundation 2016
  • Capital 47.5 million yen
  • Number of employees 9 employees
  • Industry Information and communication electronics equipment

Business Overview

Our company developed its proprietary location information solution called Live Location Service and provides an environment where customers can produce and use necessary services on their own on this network. This innovative solution service allows easy construction of the LoRa Private network using the Jcard device, the Jbox network control server, the Gway base station and the Gair relay.

Product / Commodity Name

Base station & Relay
1.Gway1 PoE model
2.Gway2 WiFi model
3.Gair LoRa Radio relay

1.Jcard Indoor Beacon, outdoor GPS specification
2.Jcard-indoor Indoor Beacon specification
3.Jcard100 Special specification (for point movement line)

Wireless battery charger for Jcard
1.GPOW-S 1-piece battery charger
2.GPOW-10 10-piece battery charger (5-coupled)

Base station for beacon
1.GwayBe Beacon gateway

Beacon card
1.JcardBe Beacon card

Message from a Representative

We believe that the Live Location Service will bring about unprecedented innovation of IoT/IoH, enrich people's life and society and promote their progress.

Technology You Want to Offer

Various location positioning solutions

・Attendance management of employees
Instead of an employee's ID & timecard, this card can be used for attendance management by tracking each employee's entering and leaving the office.

・Sharing of location information in company
Seamless tracking of indoor and outdoor location information allows instantaneous grasping of locations of employees at the office, medical institution, care facility or so forth.

・Location information solution in plant
Location information in a plant can be used to improve the productivity of employees. It can also be used to prevent hazards.

・Management of fixed assets
This can be used for not only sharing of location information of workers at a construction site, but also management of valuable fixed assets such as construction equipment, tools and physical distribution facilities together with their location positioning.